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Like most gaming mice, the Avatar S has sleek movement. The bottom is strewn with Teflon coated feet for effortless gliding across a surface. You will immediately notice a difference if you’re coming from another non-gaming mouse such as a Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse which has uncoated plastic gliders. After a few weeks with a normal mouse, the feet will gum up and add significant friction.
Another benefit found, similar to most other gaming mice, is a laser sensor with much higher resolution than an optical mouse. This allows you to use the mouse on many more surfaces including reflective and glossy ones which may give optical mice some issues. Not only that, but it has driverless DPI switching which changes the resolution of the sensor and allows movement to be scaled differently. For example, on the most sensitive setting, moving 1 inch on your mousepad could move across your screen. On the least sensitive, it could move only 1/4 of your screen. This allows you to change the sensitivity on the fly– useful for games where you may be sniping and want high precision at times, and then want to be highly mobile while running. Or while doing digital media production moving pixel by pixel when necessary.
The DPI is indicated by the NZXT logo which lights up to indicate its setting. You can change this configuration along with several macros and button settings in the NZXT mouse interface and it is all stored inside the mouse’s included memory. Read more »
NZXT Technologies AVATAR S Gaming Mouse (AVATAR S BLACK) Price $38.18

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