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Everywhere you look, the N55’s specification scream performance. A Core i7 quad-core mobile processor is the heart of the machine, and snuggles up with an Nvidia GT 555M graphics processor.
Being a beefy laptop, the N55 has a fair amount of room for cooling, which is likely what it remains quiet at idle. Though some fan noise is audible if you’re trying to hear it, you’ll otherwise not notice it. You’ll also probably miss any excessive heat, because there doesn’t seem to be much of it when the laptop isn’t exercising its hardware. Load up a game, however, and everything changes. Just like a gaming laptop, the N55 becomes a furious box of heat - although unlike a gaming laptop, the fan doesn’t scale up to hair-dryer levels of shriek. Read more »

N55Sf-Dh71 - Asus N55Sf-Dh71 15.6 inch Led Notebook - Intel Core I7 I7-2670Qm 2.20 Ghz - Black - 1920 X 1080 Full Hd Display - 8 Gb Ram - 750 Gb Hdd - Blu-Ray
Price $1,305.99

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