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The XFX DD R7950 is perhaps the best looking GPU we have tested to date. The memory used on the R7950 are the very overclocking friendly HYNIX H5GQ2H24MFA T2C modules. Overclocking graphics cards has never been easier.
There are a variety of overclocking tools available on the internet and some included with the actual driver, in this case, the AMD 'Overdrive' Utility. Our favourite overclocking utility though is the excellent Afterburner from MSI. A 1.1GHz overclock (28%) on the core is a fantastic achievement made all the more impressive by the fact it needed less voltage to do so than our best overclocking card. Overall it was a mighty impressive showing from XFX who have once again shown everyone how to make a GPU. Great cooling, magnificent overclocking ability and sublime packaging. Source

XFX FX795ATDFC Double D HD 7950 800MHz 3GB DDR5 2xMiniDP HDMI DVI PCI-E Graphics Card Price $398.99

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