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Today we continue our walk down the LGA2011 road and bring you another highly anticipated board from ASUS: the Sabertooth X79.
Looking at the design concepts of the Sabertooth X79 there are a few distinguishing features that stand out with the first feature being TUF Thermal Armor. TUF Thermal Armor utilizes the concept of a wind tunnel by providing direct airflow through the heat-critical components of the board. With improved cooling comes improved monitoring though TUF Thermal Radar's 12 onboard temperature sensors and 8 controllable fan headers that are used to bring the Sabertooth's thermal management to a whole new level.
The last and probably our favourite feature of the Sabertooth X79 is Ultimate Durability. ASUS contracted an independent ISO and IEC/IECO certified lab to test the board’s VRM components to United States Military Standard and to show confidence in this quality, ASUS also added 2 years to the warranty for a total of 5 years.
ASUS has included a handy utility with the Sabertooth to automatically overclock the system: OC Tuner. OC Tuner allows for quick and easy CPU overclocking simply by enabling the feature in the BIOS. The board resets once you select OK and both a CPU and memory overclock are applied. The result is a boost from stock speed (optimized defaults) of 3,600Mhz to an instant 4,297Mhz on an i7 3960X with no effort whatsoever! Not only do we have a very nice CPU overclock with OC Tuner, but the Sabertooth also overclocked the RipjawsX to 2,022Mhz (9-11-10) as well. This is the best auto overclock we have seen to date of all the boards reviewed thus far. Source

ASUS SABERTOOTH X79 - LGA2011 - X79 - 8x DIMM - PCIe 3.0 Motherboards Price $287.99

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