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The second-generation Core i5 processor is one of the best laptop processors to ever be available, so it’s little surprise that it is popular. Our Dell Inspiron 14z review unit came equipped with one of the less powerful versions, the Core i5-2410M, but it is still a quick processor. The base clock speed is 2.3 GHz, but Turbo Boost can run as high as 2.9 GHz. This is a quick laptop, and you’ll only significantly outrun it if you’re using a laptop with a Core i7 quad-core. The Dell Inspiron 14z should prove to be a solid, quick laptop that’s more than capable of handling anything besides demanding 3D games. In fact, this is the perfect laptop for anyone who is considering an inexpensive 15.6” laptop, but would like better battery life - without paying much of a price in terms of performance or, well, price.
Dell Inspiron 14z Price $608.99

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