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With the new Galaxy GeForce GTX 560Ti MDT X5 video card it is possible to output to 5 displays even though this is a single GPU video card. Enjoy NVIDIA multi-display spanned resolution gaming without the need for two cards! Can this GTX 560 Ti based video card stand up in the latest games when spanned across three displays?
Overclocking was made simple with Galaxy's Xtreme Tuner HD software program. To our surprise, and delight, core voltage adjustment is able to be raised from 1000mv up to 1150mV so that we were able to overclock the GPU as high as it could possibly go.
By default the Galaxy GeForce GTX 560Ti MDT X5 runs at 822MHz GPU frequency and 1645MHz shader frequency with 4GHz memory.
We also upped the voltage as high as we could, in this case 1150mV. Lo and behold, this allowed us to gain 50MHz more on the GPU, taking it up to 950MHz stable! At this clock speed the shaders are at 1900MHz. This is an above average overclock, considering this video card was not designed with the goal of the fastest core overclock out there. The fact we can boost the GPU from 822MHz to 950MHz with software is a substantial overclock. The memory maxed out at 4.2GHz, and there were no voltage options to change it. On this video card, GPU core clock is more important than memory anyway.
Given everything we've experienced, the Galaxy GeForce GTX 560 Ti MDT X5 is not only a display-flexible video card for desktop productivity, but also a capable video card that lets you enjoy today's latest games from a very widescreen perspective. Certainly this is not a video card for everyone, but it is great to see companies like Galaxy pushing into new enthusiast frontiers in the world of the GPU. Galaxy has produced a great product in the GTX 560 Ti MDT X5. Read more...
Galaxy Technology GeForce GTX 560 Ti MDT-X5 1 GB GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 DVI/DisplayPort/4xMini-HDMI Multi-Display Graphics Card, 56NGH6HS4IXZ Price $329.99

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