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When you see the XPS 15z your first thought is likely to be about how much it resembles the old titanium MacBook. Its rounded corners, silver metal finish and slot-loading DVD drive all remind us of the Apple machine. Open the XPS up and start using it and not only is the resemblance not as close as you first thought, but your attention will be on other things, like the fantastic screen.
Dell XPS 15z XPS15z-72ELS Laptop (Elemental Silver) Price $889.00

The XPS 15z has the best screen we've seen in any notebook since the last time we looked at an XPS with an HD screen. Colours are rich, vivid and saturated without looking unnatural, the contrast is superb, even in dark areas of images, and the brightness is good. Viewing angles are excellent from every angle; you'd have to pick the notebook up and tilt it in mid-air to lose any visibility. You'll see new detail in videos you thought you knew by heart; streaming 1080p video from the Web was stunningly crisp and detailed, playing smoothly with accurate colours and great contrast. 720p video looks just as good, although the quality of the screen will show up any imperfections in the video if you watch it full screen.
With a 2GB Nvidia GeForce GT 525M graphics card partnering the 2.7GHz Core i7-2620M, 8GB of RAM and 7200rpm 750GB hard drive, video performance is good. The Nvidia Optimus graphics switching gives you a good balance between performance and battery life too.
The battery life is better than many notebooks of this size, helped by the second generation Core i7 and switching graphics. In light use we saw well over seven hours and even with screen brightness high and Wi-Fi in continuous use we had nearly four hours of battery life - stretching to five and six hours as we turned off some power-hungry options. That's good enough that we're not complaining that it's not removable.

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