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Despite its petite proportions the Gene-Z is stuffed to the gills with all the latest technology as befits a Z68-based board. We've got a couple of SATA-III ports that can handle Intel Rapid Storage Technology which uses a SSD to greatly enhance the performance of a standard mechanical drive. There are two USB 3.0 ports on the back with expansion capabilities for two more internally.
The big thing the Gene-Z has is integrated graphics. However unlike many boards that provide a plethora of outputs for IGP, the Maximus IV Gene-Z only has a HDMI output.
The Maximus IV Gene-Z comes with the ROG UEFI BIOS that is seriously easy to use. Thanks to an array of memory settings the Gene-Z easily handles our G.Skill at its rated speed. It's surprising to see ASUS specifications include speeds that are architecturally impossible, but it has no problems with our speedy kit. Overclocking the 2500K is easy on the Gene-Z and although we could obtain 4.9GHz it wasn't totally stable and so we had to settle at a 4.8GHz clockspeed at a decent 1.48 vCore to run our battery of tests. In addition to the ASUS AI Suite of utilities there is also a ROG-branded version of CPU-Z included. Read more...

Maximus Iv Gene-Z/Gen3 - Rog Maximus Iv Gene-Z/Gen3 Desktop Motherboar
Price $195.91

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