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Cooler Master has been very busy of late launching several new cases, and today we’ll be looking at their latest, the Sniper, first in their new CM: Storm series lineup. As you can probably surmise, the Sniper is a tower that is targeted (no pun intended, honest) toward the gamer crowd, offering several robust features that are typically in demand by this market segment.The Storm Sniper does not disappoint in that regard, with a refreshing industrial look that strikes a sharp balance between edgy appeal and sleek restraint. It is an aesthetic that has crossover appeal, not limited strictly to the gamers in the market. This bodes well for Cooler Master, but also for consumers looking for greater flexibility and quality in a well-rounded setup.
Functionally speaking, the Sniper has a tidy and spacious interior that shows attention has been paid to the details that make a difference. The feature set here is outstanding, including excellent cable management opportunities, friendly tool-less design (the expansion port mechanism the one exception), extensive cooling options, and versatility of control with the system setup and operation. Though there are only a couple very minor nuisances, what the Sniper offers far outweighs any detractions, making quite an impression on us and assembling a system quite an enjoyable experience. Read more...

Price $161.99

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