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512MB Gigabyte GeForce 9800GT OC 2DVI PCI-Express Video Card w/ Zalman Fansink
Palit - Palit GeForce 9800GT Graphics Card - NE/9800TXT352

The two cards from Gigabyte and Palit that we will look at today are 9800 GT's which actually is a little more than a rebranded 8800 GT with support for HDMI audio output and HybridPower. HDMI audio output is achieved using a secondary audio cable, like the current cards in the GTX 200 series. And HybridPower is an interesting feature in which your video card is turned off when not needed in favor of a low-power IGP, but it requires a compatible motherboard and for now they only come AMD-flavored. Currently 9800 GT and 8800 GT cards share the same 65nm GPU, but rumor has it a 55nm version will be arriving soon. What that means in terms of clock frequencies and power consumption remains to be seen, but for now most 9800 GT and 8800 GT cards share similar GPU and memory clocks. Read more...

Palit - Palit GeForce 9800GT Graphics Card - NE/9800TXT352

Price $139.23


Price $116.99
(Last updated: Thursday, April 02 2009)

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