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Cooler Master GeminII Cooling Solution - 120mm
Although Cooler Master GeminII S showed lower cooling efficiency than our reference air cooler, it deserves our best response. First of all, although this cooler doesn’t boast currently popular “gigantic” size, it cools perfectly well a seriously overclocked quad-core processor. I assume, it would be illogical to expect record-breaking performance from a 75mm cooler. Moreover, do not forget that Cooler Master GeminII S is priced at a very affordable level of only $39.
Among other advantages I definitely have to point out that the cooler is universal and supports PWM control of the fan rotation speed, so it becomes noisy only during maximum CPU utilization (37.4dBA/1m). And when you do some everyday work or play games with major load on the graphics card, you can’t hear it at all even against a relatively quiet system case. Read more...

Buy it now, just click the link bellow: 
Cooler Master GeminII Cooling Solution - 120mm

Price $34.99 (Save $4)

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