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Today we take a look at MSI's P45 Platinum - an Intel P45 based DDR2 board for enthusiasts. The board is packed full of features - which is not unusual for an enthusiasts board - however it sports a very unusual looking heatpipe/heatsink arrangement. The MSI P45 Platinum is a fine board for most users - it is certainly choke full of features, and is overall a decent overclocker, so this board could easily become an enthusiasts' favorite.
As we would expect from a P45 based enthusiasts board, it supports processors all the way up to the current top of the line QX9770 - so if you have the funds available, you can put the latest & fastest Intel quad core processor into the board, as MSI has qualified the 136W TDP monster as being supported on the P45 Platinum. Read more...

MSI P45 Platinum ATX Intel Motherboard

Price $114.08 (Last updated: Saturday, 8th November 2008)

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