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Acer 24 LCD Monitor - 1000:1, 1920X1200, 5ms, DVI - Silver

Although TN matrices are an attribute of budget monitor models, they have not just penetrated the relatively expensive 24-inch monitor segment, but they tend to be a leader there already, at least judging y the number of new models announced lately. But is it necessarily a bad thing? Not very advanced characteristics of TN matrices are well compensated by their low price. Today we are going to talk about 6 monitors on such matrix from Acer, Dell, NEC and Samsung. Read more...

Acer 24 LCD Monitor - 1000:1, 1920X1200, 5ms, DVI - Silver

SyncMaster 24 LCD Monitor - Black

Viewsonic X Series VX2435WM 24 LCD Monitor - 1000:1, 8ms, 1920x1200 - Silver/Black

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